Help us

We are implementing the project Democracy 2.0.

This new tool will allow any group of people to express its opinion about any topic. At the same time allowing members to vote and decide what to do about it. The system is democratic, rigorous, online, in real time and will always be free of payment.

This did not exist until now. There were only opinion polls. From now on you may decide to vote strictly on the net!

Opinions are not enough... Start making decisions!

WeDecide wants to share widely the benefits of the virtues, skills and services of this new way of doing thing. And so we ask your help and your time, especially if you are computer expert, a lawyer, an economist, or an engineer...

If you can give some of your valuable time to grow this project, please contact us.

If you also think that things should change and you want to collaborate with us but you don't have time, you can contribute financially any amount, no matter how small..