Frequently Asked Questions

How to register at WE-DECIDE?

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Instructions for registering at We-Decide:

  1. Click on Register.
  2. Fill up the form, click OK.
  3. You will receive an email with a long blue link.
  4. Click on the long blue link!.
  5. Welcome. You are already using WeDecide.cat. Congratulations!

Why does'nt it work well? Why doesn't the website doesn't load well?

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Keep your browser updated. Your web browser probably does not support this website. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What is a Rapid CIDE?

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A Rapid Cide allows you and your friends to decide easily and quickly about your subject of choice.

No need to register.

Everyone can participate.

Each person has 10 votes which you can distribute among existing options. With this you can express your opinion faithfully, things are not just black or white!

Examples: Where do we go for dinner? Meat or fish? A Brainstorming ... etc.

What is a CIDE?

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A Cide is an appeal among 2 or more people through which people may express their opinion. A Cide is a question or a request on any topic.

A Cide can be a open question with open answers: What is wrong in this city?

A Cide can also be a question with closed answers: Do you support reestablishing the uniform in public schools? Yes/No”

A Cide allows you to choose directly the Managers or Mayors with Open Lists: Choose the new Managers:

A Cide is useful for task planning: Choose the task you want to do: Task A, Task B, Task ”


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WeDecide is the first Virtual Parliament open to everybody. WeDecide is a social network to make decisions,too. WeDecide helps groups of people decide quickly and in a rigorous manner about Cides created by people through Internet. Life is full of decisions; WeDecide makes them easier!

What do I need in order to use WEDECIDE?

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You don't need to download software to your computer. You only need a computer and a working Internet connection.

How does WEDECIDE work?

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Users can search the Cides that interest them most through a google-like internal search form.

Each user expresses his/her opinion distributing 10 votes among all possible answers. WeDecide evaluates and returns the result of the decision made among all users.

Can everybody see and create a CIDE?

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Everyone can see any Cide. Only registered users can create Cides.

If I don't like any of the answers on a CIDE, can I create another one?

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Yes, it is possible. You will be able to create your answers, except in those Cides in which the creator has specifically decided not to allow people to add other answers.

What is a Public or Reserved CIDE?

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When you create a Cide you either make it “Public” or “Reserved”: If you choose “Public”, your name will appear in the Cide. If you choose “Reserved”, the identity of the creator of the Cide is not shown.

What is an Open,Closed or Secret CIDE?

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When you create a Cide, you have the option to make it “Open”, “Closed” or “Secret”. If you choose “Open”, your Cide can be seen and voted by everybody. "Closed" means that , your Cide can be seen by everyone, but only your friends (or people you have invited) can vote. If you choose "Secret", only invited people can see and vote in your Cide.

Can I make my CIDES so that they can only be answered by men/women?

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Yes. When one creates a Cide it is possible to choose this option by using the “Gender” selection list.

Can I choose my CIDES to have a fixed duration?

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By default, all Cides last indefinitely, but you can also give them a starting and a finishing time. When one creates a topic it is possible to choose this option by using the “Duration” selection list and then entering the start and finish dates in the text boxes that appear.

I have created a CIDE, why am I unable to modify the subject or the synthesis?

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When a Cide is created, you must have a precise idea of what you want to decide about. This idea must be properly expressed in the “Subject” and “Synthesis”. Once you have finished, you will not be able to edit them. Being able to change these fields would betray the votes that had already been cast. You can modify any other explanatory fields that affect that Cide. Should that not be enough, you always have the option of removing the entire Cide and creating a new one.

Can I import my contacts from Facebook, Gmail or others?

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Yes. Just click on Facebook’s "Send" button to use your Facebook contacts. You must click on Google+ "+1" button to use your Google+ contacts. To import your contacts from your email, go to “import new contacts” and follow the steps you will be asked.

Can I delete a CIDE I have created?

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Yes. Everyone can delete the Cides they have created.

Can I delete another person's CIDE?

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No. Only the creator of the Cide can delete it.

Can I delete a response without deleting a CIDE?

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Yes. Everyone can delete their own responses, but just until they receive their first vote.

Can I modify a response I have created?

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No. As responses can be voted, they cannot be changed in order not to betray the people who already voted for them.

How can I share a CIDE with my friends?

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There are five ways of sharing Cides: Clicking "RECIDE" button, you will share the CIDE to your followers. Clicking "VIRAL CIDE" you will share the CIDE both to your followers and friends. Clicking on facebook’s "Send" button (to use your facebook contacts). Clicking on Twitter 's button. If you have already imported your contacts from your email, by clicking on the “EMAIL” button. A box with all your contacts will appear. Just select the people you want to share Cide with and click “Submit”.