About us

WeDecide is a group of entrepreneurs who want to change the world.For starters, we want to change the way decisions are made. We provide new tools for all sorts of groups of people (friends, associations, companies...) that need tomake decisions on specific issues quickly, efficiently and without having to meet at a particular place or time.

That's why we have created WeDecide, the 1st Virtual Parliament open to everyone and the decision-making social network. Here, everybody can express his or her opinion and vote in a serious and rigorous way. It is the system itself that evaluates and returns the result of votes presented in order of priority. Any issue is decided democratically and updated in real time at all times. Now you have the power to decide about the things that really affect you.

WeDecide can help you decide about thousands of issues. Where do we go for dinner? Who will do what? Who is responsible? How should we, as a society, solve this problem? Who will be the president of our club? How can our products be improved? What will the new town square look like? WeDecide is for everything!